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Windows installation, including updating to Windows 10.


Assistance with the installation of your Windows operating system using your exisiting Win10 key.  This includes migrating to Windows 10.

* Price: from £30

Computer setup, configuration help.


If you need help with your computer setup then get in touch.  After a short. free telephone consultation a home or business visit can be arranged.

* Price : By Quotation

Security & Antivirus and Tech Scam prevention & recovery.


Virus removal and Antivirus installation are essential.  If you need help or even assistance with Tech Scam prevention / recovery then get in touch.

* Price: from £20

Network configuration and router setup.


Help with your network.  Ensuring your equipment is configured correctly and you're achieving the best speeds possible.

* Price: from £20

Support and aftercare enquiry service.


Once your computer is working again, elgartech is still there for you.  Full aftercare and support if you still have any more queries.

* Price: FREE

Laptop casing, keyboard, screen or mainboard repair is no longer available  This is due to the difficulty in obtaining good quality OEM aftermarket components.
PLEASE NOTE: Laptop casing & screen, keyboard or mainboard repair is no longer offered. This is due to the difficulty in obtaining good quality OEM components.

Quotes given on Request.

Prices start from as low as £20...

Use the Contact page to obtain a quote or make an enquiry.

Hardware upgrades such as SSD and RAM etc..


Rather than buy a whole new machine costing hundreds of pounds, why not consider a great value SSD or other upgrade instead.

*Price: from £40 (SSD inc. W10 re-install)